Salt Inhalers V’s Salt Caves

Salt caves…although therapeutic , salt chamber/caves/rooms are NOT as effective as a Salt pipe. They are not certified even though the Halo generator acts as a medical device.
Fine particles of salt are inhaled into the lungs, the rationale is, it is an invasive therapy. The fine salt inhaled goes past the pharynx and stays in the respiratory system longer than 60 mins, making it a Class IIa Medical Device.
Salt chamber/caves /rooms cannot make medical claims without clinical evidence or certification to back up these claims.
The ASA (the advertising standards agency have pulled them up on this.…/Allergy-and-A…/SHP_ADJ_216036.aspx…)

There’s also cost to consider,
One session at a salt/chamber/cave rooms is £25-£30 per session. Sims salt pipe £29.97, therapy for 5 years
People with chronic respiratory conditions would have to use the salt/chamber/cave/rooms a few times a week to get any relief and have to understand halo therapy is an ongoing therapy.

Our Sims Salt Pipes work far better and effectively, they are fully certified as a Class IIa medical device. We are allowed to make medical claims. To achieve certification for our device we had to present a clinical evaluation, Risk assessment and QMS.

Salt pipes can be used in the comfort of your own home, when and where you like.
Salt pipes provide a better therapy with a salt inhaler, you basically get a direct hit of the salt air (halo therapy)
When you use a salt room/cave/chamber after the session you are covered in very fine white dust…
Our pipes are correctly certified and comply to the MDD/93/42/EEC passed by a notified body and recognised by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency).
We are the only manufacturers in the UK that have this certification.