20 November 23:45

This is already helping my husband who has COPD and he has only had it two days! Thank you.

6 April 15:17

Our salt pipe needs a new refill, where can we purchase this please?

Sims Salt Pipes
6 April 17:48

Hi Chrissy
You shouldn’t need any salt yet? The pipe comes with salt crystals to last in excess of 5 years.
You can order refills, call our call centre on… 01495 230 222
alternatively call us on 07528 80 60 64.

6 April 18:46

Oh I see! My husband thought it might be every six months! Five years is brilliant.
Thank you for your quick answer.

Sims Salt Pipes
7 April 12:41

No problem, he can give the pipe a gentle shake, this will rub salt crystals together and give off a slightly salty taste. Plenty of life left in that salt….. Best wishes.

7 April 14:36

Thank you very much. Have a good day.

8 July 11:19

Hi just had to tell you that my husband is going in for an operation on his brain next week and he had tests for pre op and one was lung function, it was so good they questioned if he had COPD! He has of course but your Salt pipe has worked wonders! Thank you.

Sims Salt Pipes
9 July 10:21

Thats brilliant news. Wish your husband a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted. We will keep him in our thoughts.

16 July 10:33

Just to say all went well with my Husbands op and they were interested in his salt pipe! He used it the next day in hospital and it’s still very much helping him. You deserve to be known world wide as your product is brilliant.
Thank you, Chrissy Horsfield.

Sims Salt Pipes
18 July 13:32

Hi Chrissy, Thanks for letting us know. So glad all went well.
Thank you so much for praising our product,it means a lot.
take care.
Tony& Shawn

Sims Salt Pipes
23 July 13:27

Hi Chrissy,
We were wondering if you would please give us permission to use our Facebook conversation in our next advertisement. This would be used in Saga magazine, Yours, Peoples Friend etc. We are trying to spread the word about our Sims Salt Pipes and a testimonial such as yours would be brilliant ! We are thinking about you and hope that your husbands’ breathing continues to improve and is also recovering well from his op. Please keep in touch.
Take care,
Tony & Shawn x

23 July 13:45

I would be pleased for you to use our conversation, please do spread the word. Without your Sims Salt Pipe my husband would be very ill.
Thank you for the opportunity to have a share.
All the best Chrissy and Chris x

Sims Salt Pipes
23 July 19:48

Thank you so much, to both of you, you’re very kind……