Paul Bradbury

I was a diving instructor for many years but was never able to breathe through my nose properly. After using my salt pipe for only a matter of weeks, I experienced a very welcome change in that I could actually breathe through my nasal passages for the first time in 40 years. Incredible! I now […]

Mrs M Manning

I have used the salt pipe for the last month and have already noticed the benefits.  My breathing has improved slightly and I don’t need to use my inhaler so much.  I’m very hopeful that it will continue to improve.

Ian Davies

My salt pipe has changed my life. I am a long COPD sufferer and decided to try the salt pipe to help with my symptoms. I persevered and after 8 weeks of daily use – the difference was incredible! My mobility has been the biggest change and I can credit that to my salt pipe.

Peter Thomas

I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and found it very difficult to manage my symptoms on a daily basis. I found the salt pipe and haven’t looked back! I use it every day and the results have been life changing.

Carol Carpenter

I have suffered with breathing problems ever since childhood and always found it difficult to get a good night sleep. Since using my salt pipe, my breathing is easier and I’m able to sleep at night.

Christine Williams

I have suffered very badly for years with nasal polyps. Not only are they uncomfortable to live with and sometimes give me severe headaches, they have also caused me to completely lose my sense of smell. I have had several operations to remove them, only for them to return within a matter of a year […]

Paul Lacono

I wanted to contact you to update you on my use and improved breathing since using the Sims Salt Pipe regime as you recommended. I went from a man who at the age of 46 found it increasingly difficult to even climb the stairs to shower as since the pneumonia I went from a person […]


Chrissy 20 November 23:45 This is already helping my husband who has COPD and he has only had it two days! Thank you. Chrissy 6 April 15:17 Our salt pipe needs a new refill, where can we purchase this please? Sims Salt Pipes 6 April 17:48 Hi Chrissy You shouldn’t need any salt yet? The […]