About Us

Sims Health (UK) Ltd was founded in 2013 by Mr and Mrs Sims.  Mr Sims was a long term sufferer of acute rhino sinusitis and used salt therapy to try and ease his symptoms.  Within a week, his symptoms significantly improved.

Sims Health (UK) Ltd have helped many people with long standing health conditions who now use their salt pipe to help manage their symptoms. We are based in South Wales in a small village with a busy community.

Mr and Mrs Sims wanted to help others experience the health benefits of salt therapy, so began to supply them to people with breathing difficulties.

Meet the Team

Tony Sims (Director)

Tony Sims - Pioneer of the Sims Salt Pipes and Salt Therapy

Tony has years of experience in customer services and has widely demonstrated his entrepreneurial skills over the past 30 years. His discovery of salt therapy to help manage his own health problems has resulted in Sims Health (UK) Ltd, which was founded in 2013. Tony is right at the forefront of the business and is always on hand to offer help and advice to any of his customers. Tony is a co-director of the company alongside his wife Shawn.

Shawn Sims (Director)

Shawn Sims - Director of Sims Salt Pipes and Pioneer of Salt Therapy

Shawn has an in depth knowledge of the manufacturing industry and understands the importance of product quality. She has many years experience in customer services and also working on improving the way businesses deliver high standards to their customers. Shawn is very hands on with the business and is also happy to speak to her customers and offer expert advice. Shawn is a co-director of the company alongside her husband Tony Sims.

Katie Thomas (Business Manager)

Katie Lewis - Pioneer of Salt Therapy and the sims Salt Pipe

Katie is experienced in customer services and also dealing with problematic situations. She began her employment at Sims Health (UK) Ltd in August 2014. Katie is responsible for managing the Quality System at Sims Health (UK) and developing the business in order to achieve effectiveness and successful productivity. Katie is both passionate and dedicated to her role in ensuring that customers receive a product of the very highest standard.

Orangedrop Design Newport

Gavin Preece Director Of Orangedrop Design

Orangedrop Design – Newport are Sims Salt Pipes creative partners. Orangedrop Design work alongside the team in order to produce their marketing materials, maintain their Website and brand. Gavin the creative director at Orangedrop has worked alongside Tony and Shawn for several years and his team are dedicated to keeping the Sims brand alive and well within its marketplace.